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The Purity System™

Rehydration - Dried or Damaged Cannabis Flower can now be restored through Hydro-Infusion. TM

Hyper-Infusion - Can reintroduce the nose and taste of the terpene into the core of the flower.

Restoration - Smoke damaged cannabis flower can now be restored to the original smell, taste and feel through purification and Hyper-Infusion.

Remediation - Mold, bacteria, aspergillus and other nasty pathogen can now be removed through an organic purification process. 

Aurora Purity Contact Information 

(714) 900-3250

Why is this needed?

As more states legalize cannabis, state requirements for testing procedures have become more difficult and growers are struggling to consistently pass required third-party testing regarding pathogens. In the past the growers / farmers or distributors could have a problem on their hands and be forced into extracting the flower into oil causing the profits to shrink.  Now, there is a solution, and it is called, The Purity System™.

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The Purity System™ can remove pathogens such as mold, bacteria, aspergillus, yeast, virus, and e-coli, through an organic remediation process without compromising the THC, Moisture / Weight or Terpene profile.



Our proprietary system penetrated the center of the flower (core), creating moisture from the inside out! This will FIX THE PROBLEM leading to restored cannabis. Profits can once again be realized by the grower, distributor, or dispensary.


Smoke Damage

Even if the environment is right to control mold, bacteria, and viruses from the cannabis plant, other environmental conditions will cause the flower to endure undesirable traits. With Organic Remediation, Rehydration, and Terpene Infusion the smoke damaged crops could have been saved.


Nose & Smell

Old school would say, spray it! But everyone knows that this method is nothing but a band aid and does not address the real issue. New school would say, our advanced infusion system can take the same type of terpene and reinfuse it into the core of the flower.

Why is this needed?
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The System

How does it work?

Aurora Purity uses an organic process of Remediation, Hydration, and Terpene Infusion that will not reduce THC, Terpenes or Moisture. This means you will get back a:




Better Smell


Better Taste

Without the fear of your THC levels, Terpenes, and Moisture being reduced!

Our infusion and rehydration process can bring back the moisture and desired aroma or nose that buyers are looking for. This is achieved through an organic infusion process that draws the Terpene profile and hydration into the core of the flower NOT a spray on top. The only effective way to recreate a true smell, taste, feel, and smoke as it was originally intended is through an organic infusion process which draws from the inside out!  Infusion is the key! Enjoy a smoking experience better than you EVER have before! Watch our system in work to understand the process better.

How does it work?
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How we work together!

Aurora Purity’s sole purpose is to help Farmers / Growers, Distributors, Manufacturers, and Dispensaries around the Country realize their true profits through a purification, hyper-infusion and rehydration process.   Our system helps increase profits by improving the quality and consistency of the flower / cannabis.


The Purity System focuses on 4 main categories.


One, Purification: By introducing an organic purification process we can eliminate mold, bacteria and other nasty pathogens that are hurting profits.


Two, Rehydration: Aurora Purity developed a Rehydration process that allows old, dried flower to become rehydrated once again, while adding roughly 15 to 25% more moisture content. This is not a spray or moisture in a bag, this is moisture infused to the CORE!

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Increased Profits

For a number of reasons, a harvest can turn out subpar. It could be dry or not have the right nose.  Of course, it could have a weak nose and be a little too dry at the same time.  Either way, it will reduce the profit margin! Aurora Purity can and will create more profits for Growers, Distributors, Manufactures and Dispensaries through the introduction of their advanced infusion process / technology, known as The Purity System™.



Our advanced technology allows us to rehydrate and reintroduce terpenes into the core of the flower regardless of the condition through a proprietary infusion process allowing for the smell, feel, taste and smoke to be restored to a higher standard. After the infusion process is complete, the profits can be restored as well!  

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Passing Standards

Some harvest will produce beautiful buds that smell fantastic, have a nice sticky feel and from the surface look wonderful. However, when it is tested by a third-party lab, it could fail state level standards due to Pathogens, such as mold, bacteria, aspergillus, yeast, virus, etc. Although this use to be the kiss of death and extracting that beautiful flower into oil was in your near future… those days are over! The Purity Systems can REMOVE PATHOGENS too!


Improving Your Grow

Improving your grow is the key to happy customers and large profits. The Aurora Purity system effectively and efficiently improves the smell, feel, taste, and smoothness of ANY flower from ANY grower! With improved grow you can expect 

How we help you
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Our Services

What we do

The Purity System™ is now available to anyone within the cannabis or hemp business. This rental service provides the Purity System™ and staff to handle any and all of your infusion and purification needs. We will send highly qualified, well trained team members to your place of business through our mobile unit.  Our team members will set up The Purity System™ as well as show your team members how to Purify (Pathogens), Rehydrate or reintroduce Terpenes through infusion. Once your flower is better than ever, we will pack up and wait for your next request. It is that simple!


We Come To You


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What we do
Who We Are
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About Us

Who we are

We are a group of professionals that have spent several years within the cannabis and hemp industry. Our backgrounds vary from Mechanical Engineering, Software Engineering to running large corporations on a national level.

Realizing the potential for fixing the flaws within the system could result in a monumental business, we focused on the one area that just about every grower, distributor or dispensary would need, Remediation, Rehydration, and Infusion.  We are the only company in America that has created a mobile focused service company that can infuse and rehydrate old or damaged flower and bring it back to how it was originally intended. Of course, we can eliminate or remove mold, bacteria, viruses, E. coli, yeast, and other nasty Pathogens too. To make it even better we do all of it organically!

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California Office

Irvine, California


(714) 900-3250

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